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Our Services

Correctional Health Partners works with correctional facilities and systems across the U.S. where we can make a positive difference. Our client partners entrust us with their medical care solutions and we work together to optimize care delivery. Your system’s health care needs require a framework for appropriate response every time. CHP designs programs to respond to chronic, acute and emergent care reliably and timely to benefit our clients and patients.  Nationally recognized standards for correctional health care are the basis of our protocols for daily and moment-to-moment responsiveness. We customize our staffing plans and programs to make sense for your population and goals.

On-site Direct Care  

CHP’s team brings over 100 years’ combined experience in implementing and overseeing direct care programs based on NCCHC and ACA standards. This expertise helps promote timely, humane and legally defensible care for your population. Whether your facility wants to pursue NCCHC and ACA accreditation or ensure policies and procedures follow these standards, CHP is experienced in implementing and maintaining programs that meet these and other state-specific requirements.

Medical Management

CHP clients can trust that patients receive the appropriate level of care, in the right care setting, and in a timely manner through our prior authorization process. Our clinical teams ensure services are appropriate and delivered in a timely manner with appropriate follow-up treatment when patients return to the facility.

Prior Authorization and Claims Processing

Nationally recognized care standards, CHP’s and your system’s prior authorization guidelines help determine whether a patient is sent off site for treatment, helping to ensure the most timely and cost-effective treatment in the long run.
Our claims processing team work in concert with our prior authorization to ensure services and charges rendered are appropriate for what was authorized by CHP and your correctional system. CHP provides accurate and timely claims administration and clients have online access to claims status.

Our Mission

Our clients' success is our success. We work together to provide safe, appropriate, cost-effective health care applying community best practices to the correctional setting.

Our Clients

Correctional Health Partners serves County and State correctional facilities and systems across the nation with ADPs ranging from a few hundred to thousands. Our clients receive honest two-way communication, commitment and expertise in their relationship with us.

What People Say

Many CHP clients appreciate our collaborative approach and correctional knowledge backed with solid clinical and operational expertise. We commit to open communication, and will work with your correctional system to overcome challenges and improve outcomes.

What was promised has come to fruition. I am able to trust medical issues in my facility to our Medical Team. CHP is quality driven and completely devoted to a working partnership. Under CHP, inmate medical grievances have decreased, outside medical costs have gone way down, while quality of services and response to medical needs have skyrocketed.

Jason Kowalski, Captain
Missoula County Detention Facility, MT

We were pleased at the high degree of attention (CHP) provided during the transition and for the ultimate quality of staff assigned to our facility. We receive quality care that is cost conscious about medication management and hospital usage.

Sheriff Glenn Ross and Jail Administrator Richard Clukey
Penobscot County Jail, ME

The strong working relationship we have with CHP is unmatched in my experience with contract agencies. Their staff is highly skilled, motivated, and experienced in managing a healthcare system. They are consummate professionals who demonstrate their commitment to us and ultimately the taxpayers. It is a true partnership in managing healthcare for the offender population.

Joanie Shoemaker
Former Deputy Director Of Prisons, Colorado Department Of Corrections

Our Leadership Team

CHP's team appreciates correctional medicine for its challenges, rewards and continual opportunities to learn and collaborate with clients and medical staff. Most of the leaders on our team are experts in NCCHC and ACA accreditation, with the majority of clinical leadership CCHP or CCHP-RN accredited, demonstrating mastery in these standards.

Jeff Archambeau, CEO and President

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Jennifer Mix, Chief Medical Officer

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Greg Lockman, VP of Business Operations

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Dee Butler, VP of Clinical Services

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Teresa Mayer, Psychiatric MD

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