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On-site Primary Care

CHP’s priority is to provide as much primary care on site at the correctional facility as clinically appropriate, following nationally recognized and NCCHC and ACA standards.

On-site Staffing

We work closely with correctional facilities to develop staffing models that meet their unique needs, allow proper care delivery and maximize on-site services.

Primary Medical Care

Incarcerated individuals often have a more challenging health status than the general population. CHP approaches correctional primary care as an opportunity to identify health issues, deliver timely and appropriate treatment, provide health education, and assist with linkage to community resources for continuity of care upon release.

Mental Health Care

Offenders who experience mental health, behavioral and substance abuse issues are prevalent in the correctional setting. CHP uses nationally recognized protocols to address these issues in the incarcerated population. To help reduce recidivism, our staff connect with community providers and resources to ensure continuity of care for patients as they transition between the correctional facility and the community.

Standards Compliance

CHP delivers correctional medical services consistent with nationally accepted criteria to defend the community standard of care. All of our clinical services follow the American Correctional Association (ACA) and National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) standards.

Pharmacy Management

Responsible medication administration and pharmacy management conserves costs and assures patient safety and timely care. We collaborate with clients to develop formularies that ensure clinical and cost-effectiveness of the pharmacy program.