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Our Correctional Health Care Management Team

Jeff Archambeau, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Archambeau photoJeff Archambeau has successfully built and managed clinical programs in adult corrections, youth corrections, mental health, and physical health systems in the private and public sectors. With many years leading hospital and community-based mental health programs, he directed large, risk-based mental health contracts under the Colorado Medicaid program. Prior to joining Physician Health Partners and Correctional Health Partners, Jeff was Executive Director for Access Behavioral Care, the Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) for the City and County of Denver. From 2002 to 2004 he was also Executive Director for the BHO covering Park, Teller, and El Paso counties in south-central Colorado. Combined, these contracts delivered approximately $40 million in services annually. These programs were often cited for their cost-effectiveness, client satisfaction, and compliance with all state audits.

Mr. Archambeau has led CHP’s business development efforts since our inception in 2005 and was promoted to CEO in June of 2011. With his extensive and varied healthcare background, he brings valuable insight and leadership to CHP and our clients uniquely applicable to the corrections health setting.

Jennifer Mix, DO, Chief Medical Officer

Jennifer Mix photoDr. Mix leads CHP’s team of correctional Medical Directors, nurses and physicians. She has overall responsibility for CHP’s clinical programs. She reviews and approves health plans in collaboration with our clients, directs the utilization management and quality improvement programs for CHP’s correctional care program, ensures appropriate clinical decision-making, and provides overarching clinical direction regarding meeting the community standard of care.

With experience and astute understanding of correctional care, Dr. Mix was recently promoted to Chief Medical Officer. She is a subject matter expert and on-call resource for ensuring clinically appropriate care at correctional facilities. Jennifer Mix has been a practicing internist since 2003, where she began her medical career as an Internal Medicine resident at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, CO. An accomplished and actively practicing internal medicine physician, Correctional Health Partners (CHP) has contracted with Dr. Mix since 2006 to oversee the clinical delivery and management systems for our clients.

Since 2012, Dr. Mix has been actively engaged in developing physician and specialty provider relationships through education on care management initiatives and reviewing analytic reports on client utilization and performance. She mentors providers for Colorado’s Department of Corrections to better manage healthcare costs and assure continuity of care. Her expertise in primary and correctional care ensures appropriate referrals for our clients and the optimization of onsite medical services to maintain program efficiency and ensure best practices in care.

Deborah A. Reynolds, MD, Psychiatric Medical Director

Dr. Reynolds leads CHP’s psychiatry program and oversees our policies, procedures, and protocols related to mental health with 11 years' experience specific to correctional healthcare. Dr. Reynolds diagnoses and develops treatment plans for correctional inmate-patients with mental illness to include appropriate medications and psychiatric care. Deborah Reynolds also provides treatment guidance for mental health professional staff. Dr. Reynolds provides input for the formularies for our Department of Corrections and county corrections clients. She has overarching oversight of the psychiatrists and mental health professionals on site at our contracted facilities. Deborah Reynolds collaborates with the primary care provider for coordinated care and treatment of co-morbid health issues. Dr. Reynolds is a subject matter expert and on-call resource for ensuring clinically appropriate care at correctional facilities.

Greg Lockman, VP of Business Operations

Greg Lockman photoGreg Lockman has managed the Claims Department for Correctional Health Partners since our first correctional contract. His expertise in health data and financial analysis, configuration of claims systems, and management of claims operations has been invaluable to our organization and our clients. Greg brings over 20 years of healthcare experience, 12 of which are specifically related to corrections, including 4 years as a financial and healthcare utilization analyst, and 16 years in claims.

Mr. Lockman oversees CHP operations at our home office, ensuring all internal systems function efficiently to meet our clients’ third party administration and/or reporting needs. A key component includes integrating prior authorization, utilization review and claims information and technology platforms allowing CHP to consolidate essential utilization data and convert to actionable reports. This critical functionality allows CHP to collaborate with our clients to analyze key data and implement changes for continuous system and performance improvement.

Greg’s knowledge and experience have been instrumental in achieving cost savings and improved clinical outcomes for all of our correctional partners.

Ewa Podlacha, RN, M. Ed., CCHP, Vice President of Clinical Operations

Ewa Podlacha photoMs. Ewa Podlacha is responsible for Quality, Audit, Policy and Procedure, and Staff Training programs for CHP. Ewa brings almost 20 years of corrections experience working in clinical/medical operations and working with complex correctional patient populations over many jail sites in multiple states. Ms. Podlacha mentors and coaches CHP clinical staff to ensure service delivery follows rigorous correctional medicine standards, including ACA and NCCHC protocols. Her quality and compliance programs consistently assure CHP healthcare services are medically appropriate, legally defensible and follow nationally recognized standards.

Dee Butler, RN, CCHP-RN, Director of Clinical Operations

Dee Butler directs prior authorization and care management practices for Correctional Health Partners. Her leadership positively impacts utilization management and quality of service for our correctional clients. Ms. Butler offers 30 years of nursing and management experience to include providing direct care, care coordination, utilization review and case management for inpatient and outpatient services for correctional patients. CHP clients benefit from Dee’s commitment to overcoming challenges, rigorous attention to ensuring legally defensible care and responsive client communication in our prior authorization and care management programs. She oversees the facility care management, prior authorization staff, and onsite clinical staff in youth correctional settings. Dee’s work has been instrumental in ensuring a seamless referral process to enable CHP to deliver efficient and cost-effective programs for our correctional clients.

Michael McKenna, CCHP, Manager of Risk Management

Michael McKenna is responsible for administering compliance-related policies and procedures and supporting clinical personnel to ensure adherence to NCCHC, ACA and legal requirements. Michael brings 7 years of corrections experience working in clinical/medical operations to develop policies and procedures that comply with NCCHC compliance auditing of facilities. He applies his 20 years of claims management and liability experience to develop and facilitate training for risk control, and patient and employee safety. Mr. McKenna’s risk management and compliance programs consistently assure CHP healthcare services are medically appropriate, legally defensible and follow nationally recognized standards.

Tara Broghammer, MPS, Manager of Business Development & Corporate Communications

Tara Broghammer is responsible for implementing marketing communications strategies for existing and new products and endeavors and leads new business acquisition efforts. Ms. Broghammer brings over 13 years' experience in project and account management, collaborating with cross-functional teams to coordinate provider relationships, improve operational efficiencies and produce timely deliverables to serve our employees and clients. Ms. Broghammer develops the CHP brand across product lines and market segments to position CHP for operational excellence. Tara oversees content creation to support our company values, internal and external clients, and in response to government RFPs.